The High Lifter is a powerful water pump designed to move water uphill without using gasoline or electricity. By harnessing the energy from a head of water, the High Lifter pump drives a portion of this water uphill. Pistons provide the pumping action and water is the only lubricant used. It is self-starting and requires no lubrication, priming or tuning and it is extremely quiet.
The High Lifter is an efficient, economical and easy way to handle many water pumping requirements. Ideally suited for hilly and mountainous terrain, it is lightweight, quiet, easy to install and capable of extreme lifts with low inlet flows. Simply place the inlet in a stream or other water source, run a pipe downhill to get appropriate fall and start pumping! Designed to be installed and maintained by the user (with basic household tools), the High Lifter requires little attention for years of hard working service.
A High Lifter can operate continuously for 1-3 years between seal replacement service. As illustrated in the performance graphs below, the High Lifter responds to both inlet and output pressure. Because the High Lifter utilizes inlet water pressure to pump water, increased inlet pressure yields greater delivery. Conversely, reducing the output pressure puts less load on the pump, allowing more water to be pumped.